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The Elverson Historical Commission was established in 1988 for the purpose of locating our historical resources, documentation, and preservation for future generations.  Our mission is to collect, preserve, and disseminate the history that relates to the people, properties, and events of the Borough of Elverson.

We pursue our mission by collecting information and artifacts through research, bequests, gifts, and purchases.  We help preserve through archival data, museum artifacts, and by preservation planning.

From the village’s earliest beginnings when it was known as Blue Rock, later known as Springfield, and finally Elverson Borough, the people who settled here, built homes and established businesses, have enjoyed the town’s simple qualities and have worked to preserve them.

The Elverson Historical Commission, through the generous donation of West Philadelphia Machine Works, has placed dozens of historic plaques on historical businesses and homes in the Borough that are rich in history.  The Commission has also purchased the new historic district streetscape banners throughout the Borough.  The Commission played an active role during 2011’s Elverson Centennial and has since worked with the Elverson Day’s planners.  We have partnered with the Chester County Historical Society to host historical events for the broader community at our doorstep and we look forward to assisting with the preservation of all things Elverson for future generations to enjoy.

As custodians of the past, we welcome the participation of our community.  Our students can learn Elverson’s history and our residents have a unique service opportunity.  Our history buffs have buildings, documents, and artifacts at their fingertips to study.  We can all use our past as a guide to our future.  If you are interested in helping the Elverson Historical Commission please email us.  We are currently looking for new people to serve on the Commission.  Check our new Facebook Page for more details!

Elverson Historical Commission Members

Chris Cameron – Chairperson
Cookie Onushko
Jody Phillips
Rose Stroker


Local Historians Needed!  Do you love local history? Consider Volunteering on the Elverson Historical Commission. We’re looking for volunteers to help serve the community. We help with the preservation and dissemination of the Borough’s rich history. The Commission has been involved in hosting guest speakers for the community; organizing historical events for Elverson Day; and established Elverson’s Historical Plaque program. Inquiries can be directed to Chris Cameron at chrisdcameron@yahoo.com or at 610-901-3058.

Past Events


From Out the Fiery Furnace – Encore Performance!

One-Act Play to be Performed at Hopewell Manor
A one-act play about historic Hopewell Furnace entitled “From Out the Fiery Furnace” is being presented in the Community Room of Hopewell Manor on Main Street in Elverson on Wednesday, evening, November 16, 2015, beginning at 7 pm. This play, which is 40-45 minutes in length, was written by playwright Christine Emmert and is performed by actress Barbara Hannevig, who portrays runaway slaves,”fallen women,” indentured servants, orphaned children and other characters. This one-woman play weaves an intricate tale showing how one woman’s life experiences can be traced though a Hopewell Furnace made stove.

Following the performance there will be a question-and -answer period, and light refreshments will be served. All are welcome to attend.

Elverson Borough Cane Ceremony
Bob Cook was awarded the Elverson Borough Cane on Sunday, January 11, 2015 at the Meeting Room at the Elverson Fire Station.  Up-to-Date event information is posted on our Facebook Page and the Elverson Borough Cane event page.

iron industry

Elverson’s Role In The American Iron Industry Presentation
Springfield Room, Hopewell Manor, Main Street, Elverson, Pa
September 18, 2013, 7 p.m.

*NEW* The Historical Commission Presentation is now available, below.

Local author and historian Bob Patry delivered a historical presentation titled “Elverson, PA: Home of The Hands That Rocked The Cradle of The American Iron Industry.”

Patry’s presentation provided an overview of the history of Elverson area iron furnaces, focusing on the families that built the local furnaces, the iron making process, the region’s role during the American Revolution, and the collapse of the Elverson area iron industry.

Patry was a former Elverson resident and past chairperson of the Elverson Historical Commission.  He was the author of the 2011 book, “The History of Our Community: Elverson, Pennsylvania.”  He was a volunteer with both the Elverson Historical Commission and the Caernarvon Historical Society.  Most recently, he had written a play about the region’s involvement in the American iron industry.  Please read the tribute to Mr. Patry in the December 2013 Elverson Newsletter.

We would love to hear from you about any ideas you may have for future Historic Presentations!  Email us at elversonhistoric @gmail.com.

Elverson Borough Tour

We have been working on creating a new page on the borough website, dedicated to the important architecture in our Elverson Historic District.  We hope you will visit this page as it is developed, to learn more about our town’s rich history, and maybe we will even feature your own home!

In addition, we would like to compile personal historical accounts of Elverson residents, for future Historical Commission events and publications.  If you have a unique or funny story you would like to share pertaining to Elverson history, let us know!

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