Neighborhood Watch

The Elverson Neighborhood Watch (ENW) was established in the spring of 2005. ENW was designed as a way to fight crime by preventing it before it occurs. The main concept of the program is for you to watch over your neighbor’s house and for the neighbor to watch over your house. Public apathy and easy opportunity are the greatest tools for the criminal and the Neighborhood Watch is a means to help eliminate the criminal’s two greatest tools. One of the purposes of the ENW is to provide a sense of security and devise and instruct in matters related to emergency preparedness and overall response to emergencies and security incidents.

The ENW operates via a Block Captain concept that relies on the residences of the block to communicate with the Block Captain who in turn reports to the members of the Neighborhood Watch in helping to prevent and in some cases help to solve crimes. In addition to the Block Captain program the ENW has established a Patrol Unit, made up of twenty four volunteers, who weekly patrol the streets of Elverson in support of the Pennsylvania State Police, who has sole jurisdiction in helping to reduce the crime in our community Each of you are a part of the ENW, since your eyes and ears are the first line of defense in helping to keep our community a safe place to live. The ENW holds it meeting on the third Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am at the Summerfield Community Center. It is not required that you attend but you are welcome.

Elverson Neighborhood Watch is effective when neighbors watch out for neighbors!

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