Zoning and SALDO (Subdivison) Plan

The Elverson Borough is in the process of updating their Zoning and SALDO plan.  The update is expected to be completed approximately June 2017.  Below is a description for what is included in the proposed updates.

  1. Review and amend the zoning, subdivision and land development ordinances for consistency with the land use plan and map.
  2. Review and amend the zoning, subdivision and land development ordinances to permit commercial uses and potentially other amenities that would promote and support the heritage and recreation destination concept.
  3. Encourage the establishment and continuation of businesses and employment opportunities.
  4. Ensure that regulations continue to permit appropriate residential densities and diverse housing choices.
  5. Encourage the development and redevelopment of housing that meets leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED), Energy Star, or other “green” building standards.
  6. Review Borough ordinances, and update as needed, to allow for housing opportunities for all members of the classes protected under the federal Fair Housing Act.
  7. Review zoning regulations to ensure that they support opportunities for congregate living situations for people with special needs.
  8. Continue to grant “reasonable accommodations,” that may include zoning variances and SALDO waivers, to permit development or redevelopment of housing situations for individuals with disabilities.
  9. Stormwater Management
  10. Transportation
  11. Natural Resources
  12. Historic
  13. Scenic
  14. Parks, Recreation, Open Space
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